​What we do

Services provided by AAFD include:

  • Floral design events

  • Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show stand and stage demonstrations

  • Access to workplace relations assistance

  • Marketing advice

  • Networking opportunities

  • New floral products

  • Online marketing guides

  • Guides for contracts (New Employees)

  • e-newsletter

  • Floral Business procedures

Our Supporters

The A.A.F.D. is thankful to the following organisations for providing us with their support:

  • Apack

  • Flowers Victoria

  • Melbourne and Suburbs 

Our History

On the eight of July 1976 a meeting was called with the proposal to establish an apprenticeship in floristry in Victoria. A body of florists concerned with industry standards established the Australian Florists’ and Allied Trades Association inc. This organisation became a driving force in the establishment and maintenance of the Victorian Floristry Apprenticeship system. In attendance at the meeting of July 8th 1976 were:


Chairman Mr. P. J. McCormack, President of the Commission
Mr A. D. Quinter, Victorian Employers’Federation
Mr R. Beech, Victorian Employers’ Federation
Mr. G. Quaine, Teleflower Australia Limited   
Mr. Clifford Cooke, Interflora Australian Unit
Mr Kenneth Farr, Interflora Australian Unit
Mr. B. Karney, Shop Assistants Union
Mr. L. Lee, Oakleigh Technical School
Mr. Nicholls, Burnley Horticultural College
Mrs. Marjorie Milner, Marjorie Milner School of Floristry
Mr. T. Philip
Mr. Graeme Ireland
Mr. Anthony Perkins
Mrs Jill Sommers
Secretary Mr. T. Rakusz

Prior to the introduction of the Industrial Training Act in 1975 the Commission was known as the Apprenticeship Commission. In the main the new legislation widened the ambit of the Commission’s operations to cover pre-apprentice training, adult training as well as apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship for florists was approved in 1977 and the first intake took place at Box Hill Technical College in 1978. Four florists entered formal teacher training at The State College of Victoria at Hawthorn in 1978. Three floristry teachers were at Box Hill Technical College being Mrs. Lois Fraser, Mrs Jeanette Cottrell and Mrs Terry Kenney and Gregory Milner from Marjorie Milner School of Floristry. The qualification was a Trained Trade Instructors’ Certificate. The Australian Florists’ and Allied Trades Association continued to pursue industry standards and florists were given the opportunity to apply to the Industrial Training Commission of Victoria (Ministry of Employment and Training) for a Tradesman’s Certificate. Five florists only were granted the Certificate meeting the total criteria in the state and where applicant florists were seen to have gaps in knowledge training to the industry was made available.

Training of apprenticeship broadened to Tasmania and eventually the qualification became nationally accredited across Australia.

The Australian Florists’ and Allied Trades Association inc.(A.F.A.) liaised with government regarding wages and conditions and every year since its inception there have been demonstrations and competitions held to advance the industry. The A.F.A. set up judging and stewarding examinations to obtain qualified personnel in these areas and competitions were structured to cover different levels of floristry experience. Junior, Intermediate and Senior competitions have been held since 1995.

Honour Role

The Floristry Hall of Fame was implemented in 1991 to recognise florists who have contributed extensively to the industry.

The names in the Hall of Fame are:
1991    Alan Gollings
            Marjorie Milner  
            Jill Sommers
1992    Laurie Swanson
            Lyn Sutton
            Ronald A. Smith
1993    Greg Block
            Helen Lindsay
1994    Muriel Harmer
1995    Judith Bell
            Bruce Coysh
            Joan O’Reilly
1996    Beryl Ireland
            Denise Sandilands
1997    Lois Fraser
            Colin Turner
1998    Mary Lansley
1999    Gregory Milner
            Alan Randell-Smith
2000    Elma Batley
2001    Ellen Weller
2002    Heather Collins
2003    Marion Schofield
2004    John Jones
2005    Julie Wileman
2006    Euan Mackenzie
2007    Phillip Roberts
2008    Carole Kurth
2009    Janine Batley
            Irene Brockwell
2010    Lyndell Parker
            Colleen Miles-Cadman

The Australian Florists’ and Allied Trades Association inc. Allied Trades Award of Honour
1998    Ann Grey Global Flower Services Inc.
            John Hardy Smithers oasis Australia
1999    Barbara Hawkins W.R.A.P.S. Industry Training Board
2000    Michael and Nancy Chorley
2002    Frank and Isabel Baguley
2006    Henk Tesselaar
2008    Greg Hooton
2009    Roland Westlow

The Australian Florists’ and Allied Trades Association inc. Life Members
1991    Therese Kenney
1992    Lois Fraser
1994    Beth Argyle
1995    Alan Randell-Smith
1996    Mary Lansley
2001    Vanessa Schofield
2003    Helen Brown and Joan O’Reilly
2006    Ellen Weller
2008    Nicole Gibson